GREEK Audio Recordings of the Old & New Testaments

Here are some links to Koine Greek Scripture recordings that use a more “natural” pronunciation. There’s a bit of a mixture between modern and “reconstructed” pronunciations here, but no Erasmian. 🙂

Ben Kantor
FREE (parts of NT)

These recordings of the Greek New Testament are excellent, but unfortunately only the gospels of Mark and Luke are complete at the time of this writing. Hopefully the rest of the New Testament will follow soon! There are also a smattering of chapters from Acts, 1 Timothy, and even the LXX (Genesis 1).

Randall Buth
PAID (parts of NT)

Buth’s recording of the Gospel of John and 1-3 John are my favorite GNT recordings so far. Buth’s accent and pronunciation is extremely clear and easy to understand. (Here’s a page with sample recordings.) This recording is a bit slower as well, so it’s easier for beginner Greek students to follow along. Highly recommended! I only wish that he would make more CDs!

Α.Χ.Β. (π. Ραφαήλ) & &
FREE (entire OT & NT)

I just recently ran across the site, and was intrigued because it features both the Old and New Testaments in Greek in a modern pronunciation very similar to what I learned at Greek class! Unfortunately, they are encased in Adobe Flash which has been deprecated… 🙁 The good news is that these exact same recordings are available at! Check out their channel for other playlists, including one with a reading of the entire Greek NT (Majority Text). Beware that this guy can read very fast!! You’ll need your speed-reading glasses to keep up with him. 🙂 Also available to read along and listen at You can also download the audio for offline listening, (search for “Greek”, and fill out the form).

John Simon &
FREE (entire NT)

The pronunciation in these recordings is a bit different; not quite reconstructed, and not quite modern. Just thought I’d give you one more option to check out if you haven’t found your favorite Greek voice yet!

Dr. Spiros Zodhiates
MP3 CD at
ISBN: 9780899571201
PAID (entire NT)

I do not own this particular recording, but wanted to list it here for the sake of completeness. You can listen to a sample on the website (or here at before you purchase.

BONUS: Christophe Rico
FREE (parts of NT)

These recordings are technically Erasmian pronunciation, but still much better than most Englishized “Erasmian” pronunciations out there. 🙂

For a much larger listing of Greek audio recordings (including lots of modern and Erasmian pronunciations) check out Louis Sorenson’s page archived from

Hat tip to Daniel Streett and those who left comments on his blog post.
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