NEW: A Free Online Greek Lexicon!

MrGreekGeek is happy to present to you a new, easy-to-use online New Testament Greek lexicon that is fast, free and high quality.


You don’t have to spend 100s of dollars on fancy Bible software and download gigabytes of data just to look up a Greek word any more. Just visit the online lexicon app and start typing the word. No Greek keyboard? No worries! You can type Latin letters and immediately see results that match what you’ve typed so far. What if you only know the Strong’s number and don’t know any Greek at all? Step right up, we’ve got you covered! Just type in the Strong’s number (no prefix needed) and you’ll be all set in less than a second.

Just looking for a quick gloss of the word? Look for the entries in bold. Or keep reading the whole entry to get a better sense for how the word is used in different contexts (highly recommended). Entries in a lighter grey type give additional information about the etymology of the word, or synonyms.

Want to see where that word is used in the New Testament? Just scroll down and click on the Strong’s number to be taken to a page where every verse is listed!

Coming soon: all the verse references in the lexicon will be hyperlinked so you can immediately see how the word is used in context in the Greek New Testament.


Most of the credit goes to the fine folks behind the translatable-exegetical-tools/Abbott-Smith project. They invested a LOT of time and effort into digitizing the printed copy of Abbott-Smith’s lexicon and marking it up in a way that’s easy for computers to parse. This little lexicon app would never have existed without their labors. Credit is also due to Jeffrey N. who took my feeble initial efforts in Javascript and improved them nearly beyond recognition! 🙂

Are you missing a feature? This project is freely licensed, so you can make a copy and add your own changes! Or you can report a bug or request a feature to be added. Details are on GitHub:

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