Parse the Entire Greek New Testament!


Every Greek student’s favorite part of class! If you want some practice parsing, why not practice on the Bible? By the time you parse your way from Matthew to Revelation, you will be a well-seasoned Greek geek! I promise.

The advantage to parsing the Bible is that you’re not just doing a dry exercise in a sterile textbook environment. You’re working with words that you will actually run across as you read through your Greek New Testament!

[Update Nov. 18, 2020]: Unfortunately, the site referenced below seems to be dead. 🙁 I’ll leave the links here in case it ever returns…

Parse the Greek New Testament

So how do you parse through the Bible?

Just visit: and read the instructions; then click on “Let’s start Greek Parsing.” The parsing page is very bare-bones so it can look like nothing is there, but don’t worry! Just type the reference of the passage you want to parse into the box at the top of the screen and wait for it to load. (I found that the Firefox browser does a better job of rendering the Greek letters and all the other funny characters than any of the Chrome based browsers do. Your mileage may vary.)

Once your desired Greek passage loads, just click on any word to parse it. The widget to the right of the passage will load the little parsing quiz, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Happy parsing!

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